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  • Enriched by a bounty of vegetation
    nurtured over time.

    All of SEIJYAKUBOW's baths are free-flowing, fed from moor onsen. The amber-colored spring water has an attractive smooth feel on the skin. The spring water softly wraps around your body, allowing you to warm up slowly to your core.
    Enjoy the Tokachigawa moor onsen to your heart's content in your suite or the large baths, considered one of the most unique in Japan.

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  • Tokachigawa Moor Onsen

    The Tokachigawa River's moor hot springs have been among Hokkaido's heritage sites since 2004.
    These alkaline hot springs are born from the humic substances produced by the underground carbonization of plants that have accumulated along the banks of the Tokachigawa River over a long period and dissolved into the groundwater. The word "moor" means lignite in German, and the Ainu people have been familiar with these precious hot springs, praising their medicinal qualities.

    〈 Spring type 〉
    100% fed from hot-spring sources (moor hot springs)

    〈 Benefits 〉
    Effective for chronic pain or stiffness of muscles or joints (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lumbago, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, bruise, sprain, etc.), muscle stiffness in motor paralysis, decreased gastrointestinal function, mild hypertension, diabetes, mild/high cholesterol, mild asthma or emphysema, hemorrhoid pain, and stress-related symptoms.

    Tokachigawa Moor Onsen Tokachigawa Moor Onsen Tokachigawa Moor Onsen

    Water striking hot stones... Sizzling steam rising... A traditional Finnish sauna (Löyly) where you can relax while enjoying the aroma of Japanese cypress.
    Sauna stones with higher far-infrared effects help to warm the body evenly from the core.

    〈 Benefits 〉
    Improved blood circulation, relief from fatigue, perspiration, smooth skin, relaxing properties, improved metabolism, detoxifying effects, etc.