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  • Feel at ease and enjoy the tranquility embodied by the Japanese phrase wakei-seijaku (meaning harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility).

    Wakei-seijaku is a phrase coined by the historical figure Sen no Rikyū to describe the spirit of the tea ceremony. Its meaning includes harmony between people, between people and the environment, respect for each other, the ancient tradition of purification, and creating a place and time to reflect on oneself. SEIJYAKUBOW was born from the concept of wakei-seijaku, with its embodied ideas at the core of the inn's design.
    Enjoy the rare moor onsen and local delicacies by the banks of the Tokachigawa River, flowing through the majestic Tokachi Plain, and spend a refreshing time of self-care on a holiday that will leave you rejuvenated.

    Wakei-seijaku Wakei-seijaku Wakei-seijaku
  • Inspired by the unique landscape of Tokachi — home.

    Hikohito Konishi, internationally acclaimed for his work in a wide range of spatial creations in Japan and abroad, expresses the history, culture, landscape, and architecture unique to his hometown through his design.
    His memories of Tokachi unfold into simple yet dynamic spaces.

    Architect Hikohito Konishi

    Inspired by the unique landscape of Tokachi — home. Inspired by the unique landscape of Tokachi — home. Inspired by the unique landscape of Tokachi — home.
  • The character "々" expresses
    the new encounters we invite you to experience

    The symbol "々" indicates when the same character appears in a repeated form.
    The Inn's history that begins a new chapter and its connection to the land's history of prosperity and development... The joys and pleasures that come from the relationships created with our guests...
    "々" symbolizes our wish that these will endure and will continue to return anew for many years to come. 々

    々 々 々